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My vision for our state rests on five core objectives:


  • Ensure new school funding is directed to teachers and classrooms

  • Reduce regulatory burdens on businesses 

  • Improve accountability of state agencies

  • Reform state government

  • Focus on private-sector job creation


We're moving in the right direction

Oklahoma City and its surrounding cities have taken an impressive leap toward economic growth and diversification over the last few decades.

There is more work to be done

Unfortunately, if our state’s leaders fail to follow the course that has been set and instead increase taxes, expand state government and add regulatory burdens, we will lose the advancements that have made Oklahoma one of America’s greatest states in which to live.

Reform state government

As a lifelong resident of Northwest Oklahoma City, I feel responsible to carry our pro-business, conservative values into the State House. 

A leader you can count on

The State House needs leaders with the experience and fortitude to boldly represent our values, and who will stand up for employers and taxpayers. I am that person.