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Eric Roberts supports and encourages law enforcement while Chelsey Branham opposes and obstructs proper law enforcement.

Eric Roberts proudly and publicly supports law enforcement. On the other hand, Chelsey Branham voted against House Bill 3195, which required Oklahoma law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

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Eric Roberts supports free speech and free expression on college campuses while Chelsey Branham voted against a ban on "Free Speech Zones" on college campuses.

Eric Roberts believes that free speech and expression are paramount of civil society, particularly on college campuses where differing ideas and opinions are meant to flourish. On the other hand, Chelsey Branham voted against Senate Bill 361, which prohibited "Free Speech Zones" on public Oklahoma college campuses.

Eric Roberts supports common sense solutions that will move Oklahoma forward while Chelsey Branham supports radical socialist proposals championed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Eric Roberts wants to see Oklahoma students and teachers thrive now and going forward. In the wake of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to support our students, teachers and school professionals. Chelsey Branham voted against the recent teacher pay raise, demonstrating her lack of care for Oklahoma education and Oklahoma students.

Eric Roberts supports education and wants to see students, teachers and parents thrive while

Chelsey Branham voted against the recent teacher pay raise, a desperately needed boost to keep teachers in the classroom and improve student outcomes.

Eric Roberts wants to see Oklahoma implement practical solutions to the problems we face as a state. In the wake of COVID-19, it's more important than ever to have representatives who will seek pragmatic, common sense solutions at the Capitol. Chelsey Branham supports radical socialists like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), evident by her favorable posts on social media.




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