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A businessman with real-world experience in growing business, creating jobs, paying taxes and raising a family.

Eric Roberts has been an owner and operator of Colonial Center LP for the past 26 years. Eric’s success as a commercial real estate developer has helped bring jobs, commerce, and services to the families of Northwest Oklahoma City for two decades. He is a unique candidate for office because he has a unique understanding of how to incentivize and promote new business development in Oklahoma, having brought retailers to the local economy. Furthermore, Eric understands how to start a business and run it effectively, being an entrepreneur in commercial and residential investments, fuel retailing and holds a federal firearms dealers license. He believes firmly that we need more legislators who have real-world experience balancing a budget and staying out of the red. 

A third-generation Oklahoman, apart from his time at Southern Methodist University, Eric has lived his life in Oklahoma City.

Eric has long been involved in his local church and is active in other civic organizations. He has been a member of Rotary Club International since 1992 and serves as a board member of Ozarks Teen Challenge. Eric was appointed by Mayor Cornett to be on the Maps 3 Citizens’ Oversight Committee for the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

He has been married for 25 years and has two college-age children, a son, and a daughter. Eric has coached his son’s baseball team and his daughter’s softball team, as well as raising them to be fourth-generation Oklahomans.